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Skiathos (town)
Whether you arrive in Skiathos by sea or air, you will get a glimpse of the beautiful port and capital of our small Aegean island.
The town was built about 1830 and is full of tiny winding streets with typical Greek architecture. Wander round during the day to enjoy the lively shops and see the pretty courtyards and lanes. Visit on summer evenings to experience true Greek hospitality and enjoy the famous fish restaurants, typical tavernas and lively bars. No holiday is complete without spending an hour watching the comings and goings of boats and people along the old harbour.
This is a place you will love from your first visit!
Lalaria (beach)
Lalaria beach is a miracle of nature with its white stones that turn the water a glorious shade of deepest aquamarine. This is the beach that made Skiathos famous and, as it can only be reached from the sea, makes a round island boat trip an essential day in your Greek holiday.
Kastro, the famous castle of Skiathos is located at the northern end of the island. It is a natural fortress, where the locals found refuge in the 14th century in order to avoid the attacks of pirates who threatened the island. The Castle has a rich history through the centuries as it belonged to the Byzantine Empire, later passed into the hands of the Venetians and then to the Turks. After the revolution of 1821 he returned again to the Greeks.
Skiathos natural beauty
Lake Strofilia is located behind the beach in Koukounaries. The lake wetland has been identified as of high ecological importance and many European environmental programs support its proper conservation.
From Koukounaries and many stops along the island road, you can walk through the most beautiful parts of Skiathos island. This island is a fascinating blend of unspoilt Greek land and seascapes. There are many walking routes throughout the island which are way marked for simple strolls or more adventurous hikes.
Folk museum
The Folklore Museum of Skiathos has valuable collections from the cultural heritage and the special traditional art of the island.
Papadiamantis Museum
Alexandros Papadiamantis (1851 - 1911) is one of the most important Greek writers, also known as "the saint of Greek letters". He wrote mainly short stories, which occupy a prominent place in modern Greek literature. Papadiamantis was born, lived and died in Skiathos. His house has been turned into a museum and reflects his ascetic life in the 19th century.
Naval Museum
At the Naval Museum of Skiathos you will travel to previous centuries and you will get to know the Naval and Shipbuilding history of the island through special collections.
Evangelistria Monastery
Not to be missed is the historic Monastery of the Annunciation which was built in 1754. The monastery has unique historical significance for Greece, as it designed, woven, blessed and raised the first Greek flag, with the white cross in the middle on a blue background.
It is in a beautiful location above Skiathos town with wonderful views out to the Aegean sea.
There are many churches on Skiathos island and each has its own special individuality.